The Emerson Group - Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

The Emerson Group recognises that slavery and human trafficking are significant human rights issues. The Group will take appropriate and proportionate steps to ensure such matters do not play any part within its business or its supply chain.

The Group complies with UK employment legislation including making payments to all staff of at least the minimum wage and informing them of their benefits through an Employee Handbook which contains details of how to report matters of concern or breaches of legislation for review and action.

The Group requires its suppliers and subcontractors to comply with all new UK legislation including the Modern Slavery Act 2015. The Group acquires almost all its supplies from UK sources or suppliers but, if materials are directly sourced from outside the UK, avoiding the risks of modern slavery would be part of the selection process.

The statement has been approved by the Group executive and applies to all organisations within the Group. The policy will be monitored and reviewed at least annually.

Varun Maharaj
Company Secretary
January 2023